July 5, 2009

Writing provides a solution-based approach

"From a psychological perspective, talking and writing are very different. Talking can often be somewhat unstructured, disorganized, even chaotic. In contrast, writing encourages the creation of a story line and structure that help people make sense of what has happened and work towards a solution. In short, talking can add to a sense of confusion while writing provides a more systematic, and solution-based, approach."
~ Richard Wiseman (photo), in 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot (Borzoi Books)

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  1. Ah. Makes perfect sense. Writing also requires a certain slowing down which allows us to think more clearly, more thoroughly.

  2. Hi Sandy, exactly! By the way, Richard Wiseman's book reccomendable. It is full of very nice research description which are then translated into very practical advice.

  3. Well,
    I guess we'll do email coaching, then! :)

  4. Hi Paolo, i think there are some advantages to doing sf in a written way (maybe also some disadvantages). de Shazer wrote somewhere that SF is a text based approach, that we shoul try to stay on the surface and try to keep from reading between the lines. Written-SF may actually make this less hard... Also there is the remark by Insoo: going slow might get you there faster. Written-SF has an natural slowness, I think. It's impossible to do it as fast as talking

  5. Hi all, could you please tell me, what the difference between solution-based and solution-focused approach is in your opinion? Sometimes I hear these two expressions and I am not sure, if they mean the same. I only know the solution-focused approach and would like to know both of them.

  6. Hi Klara,

    I did not look it up in the dictionary but I think the difference is the following.

    Solution-based suggests that the solution is there and that you depart from it. Solution-focused suggests that you aim at finding solutions.

    I think here the term solution-focused would have been approapirate too, perhaps even more than solution-based.

  7. Coert,

    I'm glad you quote Wiseman here. I think writing is a powerful self-help technique that's easily ignored in favor of things that seem new and sexy. People have used writing to develop their minds for centuries. We keep using it because it works.


  8. Hi Rodney, exactly. And I think writing can be useful in coaching as well


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