June 25, 2009

Quote Robert H. Frank

"The most common mistake we make as teachers is attempting to tell our students too much."


  1. The worst mistake is to try to tell the student everything.

    The most despicable experience from college was when the teachers stood in front of the class and had us write on dictation for 2 hours. That was perceived as STUPID, extremely STUPID.

  2. That sounds like a terrible waste of time. Hope he meant well

  3. Unfortunately I doubt the teachers meant anything. They were just people asleep, mumbling something. They've wasted countless hours of both my time and their time.

    Human interaction is meant to enrich the participants, not to take away their most precious resource: TIME.

  4. A better way than those teachers used seems to be this, don't you think?


  5. Oh, yes it is! :)
    Unfortunately, inertia combined with lack of passion combined with improper motivation of the teacher combined with the lousy lives some of them live, give some kind of horror that's frequently found in academia all over the world (I think).

    Teachers using the five C's are rare gems.


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