June 20, 2009

Convergence of biology and psychology

"If I was going to say what is exciting right now, it's this convergence of biology and psychology that is showing how tied our minds and behavior are to the world and the physical world, to other people, to other animals through our natural brain systems and mind systems of which we're not aware. [...] If you take away the whole connection (the Cartesian guess of a pineal gland connection) to the supernatural soul that many believe we have, you start taking evolution seriously, and then also look at the history of concepts like free will and how they're rooted in Christianity and early Christian writers. Then you begin to see that we do have motivations clearly rooted in our evolutionary biology."

~ John A. Bargh, quote taken from The Simplifier: A Conversation with John A. Bargh

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  1. Thanks for linking to this conversation with John Bargh. I love his work on automaticity and will read the article you've linked to above.



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