May 22, 2009

Scaling questions used in organizational transformation employee attitudinal surveys

Nick Dayton has the following question:
"In reading about solution focused change and appreciative inquiry as it pertains to organizational development and transformation, I'd like to develop and integrate scaling questions into an upcoming employee satisfaction survey. Do you have examples or can you point to examples of scaling questions used to determine employee satisfaction and engagement in an organization undergoing significant cultural and other changes? I can come up with some myself, but I'd like to use some if possible that have expert development and some degree of validation and positive past use. Thanks in advance for your help and insights."

Has anybody got any ideas or experiences to share on this?


  1. "I think the basic question would be 10=absolute satisfaction an 0=no satisfaction and the rest would depend on the answers/langauge of the coachees."

    Stanus Cloete

  2. Dear Nick,

    In addition to what Stanus said I'd suggest asking the basic questions as described in this video:

    The explanation starts at 0:50.

  3. Might this also be interesting for you?

  4. Thanks Stanus and Coert. You input and media pointers were quite helpful. Nick


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