May 20, 2009

Future Reality Show Question

In this video we showed how evoking positive behavior descriptions lead to positive action. By inviting people to describe their future in terms of positive and behavioral terms, the likelihood increases that they will start behaving positively. One reason why this happens is that positive behavior descriptions bring people in a positive mood which opens their mind and makes them more creative and aware of opportunities (see Barbara Fredrickson's broaden and build theory). Another reason is that, as neuroscientists have discovered, there is a strong and automatic link between perception and behavior. In other words, perceiving a positive future automatically sets in motion a tendency to start behaving accordingly (even when it is an imaginary positive future which you have described yourself).
I emailed with Ben Butina and he mentioned an interesting question to evoke a positive behavior description I did not yet know. It relates to visible behavior and Ben calls it Reality Show. Here is how ben describes the question: "Now suppose I was making a reality show about your life. I'm following you around everywhere you go and I'm filming everything. What will I see that will show me [CHANGE]? Imagine that, next year, I'd come back a second season. What further changes would I see?"

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