May 18, 2009

Creating happiness by embarking on a longer-term program

"Interestingly, the familiar phrase pursuit of happiness implies that happiness is an object that one has to chase or discover. I don't like that phrase. I prefer to think of the creation or construction of happiness, because research shows that it's in our power to fashion it for ourselves. [...] To continue accruing happiness-boosting benefits, you will need to embark on a longer-term program. The good news about a lifelong plan to build and sustain personal happiness is that the effort to do so is greatest when the new behaviors and practices you'll learn don't yet feel natural, but with time the required effort diminishes, as such strategies become habitual and self-reinforcing."


  1. I don't like pursuit of happiness either. :) However, I'm not too fond of the idea of creation/construction either.
    It implies that happiness is outside and it never is.

    Happiness is within us, covered with all kind of crap.
    Our job is to remove the crap and let happiness shine.
    I guess this is why I like the idea of Solution Focused. It searches for moments when the person managed to "accidentally" clean some of the crap and see the happiness shine through.

    Wipe left, wipe right... practice like a a good karate kid and things start looking a lot better without adding anything. When training, we don't focus on karate per se, just wipe left, wipe right... doing what works. :)

  2. Thanks Peter, This reminds me of kung fu master Bruce Lee:


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