May 29, 2009

Complementary pursuits

"Just as we should enjoy all things in moderation, any strength becomes a weakness if not balanced by complementary pursuits."
~ Barbara Fredrickson, in Darwin's regret.


  1. This reminds me of balancing right brain activities with left brain activities.

    I remember reading something about Einstein enhancing his reasoning by playing violin, Churchill painting landscapes or Feynman playing the drums.

    I tried to relocate the article but my google-fu failed me.

    I did managed to find this article on music tho: Einstein was smart, but Could He Play the Violin?:)

  2. Yeah, I know Einstein played the violin, I thought he was reasonably good. By the way, for me personally music is the thing too. I have always sensed it somehow created not only a counterbalance but also an inspiration to my more analytic activities.


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