April 23, 2009

Obama is delivering

In the post Before Obama said 'yes we can! I wrote these words:
Several politicians have said they want to be uniters instead of dividers but have not been very convincing. Obama has been convincing because his life and his campaign have shown examples of how he indeed is becoming a uniter. When tested, he has shown courage, mildness to individuals and consistency. This is what makes leaders like Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama irresistible: they invite us to bridge gaps and rise above ourselves and obstacles while we can actually observe them doing that themselves. I don't believe in Utopia and I believe the importance of leadership is often overestimated. This means that during Obama's presidency, problems will remain, challenges will be great, and mistakes will be made. But I do believe in progress, in the possibility of improving the situation we are in. I feel this is progress. It's awesome!
Now, 100 days into his presidency, I think Obama definitely delivers. He is making some excellent decisions and he is representing the US in such a way that many people around the world are starting to think favorably about it again and think it is going in the right direction. Of course there remain some great problems and there will be new problems and also some mistakes, but this is a wonderful start.

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