April 14, 2009

10 attractive aspects of solution-focused work

Here is a summary of the things that attract people in solution-focused work:
  1. Because it works. It works as well as any approach that I tried so far, if not better, in terms of outcomes - and at the same time it leads to results in much shorter time
  2. Because it is scientific (i.e. It has a reasonable evidence-base)
  3. It takes the stress away for the practitioner. No pressure to come up with a solution. I do not have to have all the solutions, my clients have them for themselves. I love when others are their own experts.
  4. It is respectful
  5. I think it fosters auto-efficacy
  6. It fosters awareness
  7. The accent is on ´you've got the power´, not on ´you've got problems´
  8. It allows you to act under great uncertainty.
  9. It's simple (though not easy),
  10. SF modifies the stress response of the practitioner and the client, allowing their brains to work better.
I invite you to come with more personal motivations to work in a solution-focused way.

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