March 31, 2009

Google trends search reason for optimism?

On twitter I saw a tweet by TED host Chris Anderson about a google trends search he has done (click on the picture or here for the online page). Chris' remark: Do these Google search trends mean the global mood is starting to lift?'
I like the cleverness of this approach and maybe this indeed is an indication for an increase in optimism. What do you think?


  1. I consider the antagonist of fear as being love. :)
    and when you search google trends for love and fear.... well... the picture is completely different :)

    Just when you think you found some reasons for optimism you discover that the reasons were there all along... tons of reasons... it is us who are blind to them. :D

  2. Hi Peter, thanks, interesting. I checked that and with love and fear there is some resemblence in the sence that love is curling up a bit now while fear is curling down slightly (
    ). I also checked these two terms: hope and despair:

  3. Very interesting way of sampling global trends.
    However, caution should be applied to inferences that can be made, on a case-by-case basis.
    E.g., I might be googling "Pope message of hope" while in fact I am a pro-choice activist enraged by the Pope reiterated opposition to using condoms...
    "message of hope" can be just a catchword used by the media...
    just a thought,

  4. Good point. In the same vein: they may have searched desperately for reasons to be hopeful because they lacked hope... mmm


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