March 19, 2009

Client Requirements Scale

Henri Haarmans sent me an email about how he uses the scaling question in IT project management:

"I use the technique during IT-projects very often. In an IT-project is very important that every participant from IT understands the requirements from the users very clear. The scaling question helps me to find out how clear the requirements from the users are, which information is missing and who can help the participant in finding the information. Mostly a workshop starts with presentation of the customer. In this presentation he gives an overview of all his wishes. After the question from the IT-people and most of the time a discussion, I ask the IT-people to give their knowledge of the wish of the customer a score on the scale from one to ten. The next question is why they give themselves that score and why they don't have a lower score or what knowledge they need to give themselves a higher score. If the IT-people have explained which knowledge they need more I ask the other participants who can help the IT-people. From that moment the people help each other and I can lean back. After a workshop I always repeat the scaling question, because that gives me the information about the usefulness of the past workshop."

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