March 4, 2009

11 on the scale

George Agafitei from Romania sent me the following case in which he used scales as a team coach:

The client is a small cosmetics' distributor in Romania. They have to organize their semi-annual event to which 150 were supposed to participate. According to their previous experience they need to send 300 invitations, most of them followed by at least one conversation. There are 4 people in the organizing team that need to do a lot of other activities, beside the event. The participants are cosmeticians from various towns in Romania. Two weeks before the event, the situation is desperate: only 50 invitations sent and only 5 confirmations. The goal: "how to achieve the target of participants in the short remaining period?" After about 40 minutes of working with the scale, with a lot of focus on what has already been achieved and previous successful experiences, the level of motivation was so high, I could feel it in the air. There were two people from the client side (the general manager and the marketing manager). Their faces spoke more than a million words. So, I asked: "You mentioned at the beginning of our discussion that on the scale of 0 to 10, you are at 2. Where are you now, at the end of our discussion?" The answer came spontaneously from both participants: "at 10!" (I was a little bit shocked. "How could this happen in such a short time?") After I have asked what is different for them now, I continued: "So, let's suppose that we have such a power that we can extend the scale. How does 11 (eleven) look for you?" :)) The marketing manager could not see anything at 11, as for her, the scale could not be extended. But the General Manager added a wildest action (she had a big smile on her face when she said "wildest"): to make an itinerary trip in largest towns and invite participants in short group presentations, in a warm and touching way. Two weeks after, they reached to invite around 250 people out of which around 120 participated. Happy client, happy coach!

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