January 14, 2009

Personality can be changed

Focusing on people's beliefs... helps us answer in more precise ways questions like: What personality factors allow people to function well in their lives - that is, to grow and learn, sustain satisfying relationship, achieve well in school and careers, be caring toward others, or recover from setbacks? This is because beliefs can typically be defined very precisely, measured very simply, and altered through interventions to reveal their direct impact.


  1. Interesting.

    I like McAdams' theory of personality: he mentions three layers of personality.
    Traits, beliefs, life narratives.


  2. I like such a way of thinking too. Too easily we tend to think that humans can't change. As evidence we offer that certain of our features in most cases do not appear to change a lot. But while it is true that certain aspects of us don't change (for instance the numer of ears we have during our lives) many other aspect are changeable.
    Another point is: that aspect usually don't change does not prove that they can't change.


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