December 16, 2008

Not trying to convince people to use SF

"So, you are trying to get everybody to use the solution-focused approach?", asked the manager of the organization who had hired the solution-focused trainer, and he smiled. The solution-focused trainer smiled back. Then he said: "Well... actually we are not trying to do that...."
The manager looked honestly surprised and asked: "Really?" The trainer replied: "Really!" "Why not?", asked the manager. The trainer replied: "While I am very enthusiastic about it, it is not for me to say what approaches other people should use. However interesting the solution-focused approach is, I am aware it is not the only interesting and effective approach in the world. I know that not everyone is interested in SF and I think it is probably not the best approach in some specific situations. So, what I am trying to do is to train people who are interested in learning to use the approach, so that they can decide what they want to use and what not".

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