December 10, 2008

Impulse reduction

Arjan Broere pointed me to this video of Benjamin Zander. It is a lovely video to watch but there is one thing that I found particularly interesting. It starts as 01.12 and it ends at 04:06. The topic is impuls reduction. That is intruiging. In applying the solution-focused approach being able to control impulses is very important too. You don't just go with with every impulse or reflex. Instead you deliberately choose your interventions. Apparently, with practice the skill becomes more fluent and the number of impulses decrease.


  1. Great TED talk by Benjamin Zander and so true. We should work more at creating shining eyes around us instead of one percent more profit.

  2. Beautiful and moving presentation. My eyes are shining from it.

    Seeking the way to inspire, rather than the reasons why not. Wonderful way to describe the heart of solution-focus at its best.


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