October 22, 2008

How do you say No to a telemarketer positively?

Tess Carolina responded to my post Positive No example saying: "I'd be particularly curious to the telemarketer situation, myself. I do manage to say no, but always wind up feeling guilty about it. When they call, I usually interrupt the introduction, as soon as the person pauses to breathe - however shortly. I will explain how I will seek out a pension expert at a time when I feel the need, and that I currently do not. Trying to remain polite and wishing the person good luck with his work. Still, I always end up feeling sorry for the person having to do this job after hanging up the phone. Again, an example would be appreciated!"

I find this response very interesting. It shows a willingness to be kind and polite while also a desire to be able to say No. Tess asks me for an example and I will try to write one down, soon. Before I do, I would like to get some iput from readers. My question is: How do you say No to telemarketers in a constructive and respectful, yet clear, manner?

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