August 31, 2008

Careers are voyages of discovery

It is more realistic to view a career development as a voyage of discovery or a journey into the unknown than as planning your route with a predestined route map. Adopting this more open and dynamic view on careers helps to treat career guidance as a process of both discovery and choice. In this process you constantly take small steps forward and find out what suits you and how to proceed. Professor Herminia Ibarra has done extensive research on how effective career change takes place. She found that it is more realistic and effective to act your way into a new career than to think yourself into one. In other words, instead of putting a strong emphasis on analysis and understanding, she argues that it is wiser to emphasize taking small steps to find out which environments, tasks, and roles suit you well. Professor Ibarra’s views seem to collide extremely well with our solution-focused perspective. In her own words:

“The central point is to act more than you reflect. Do not spend a lot of time introspecting; start acting as soon as you can. It’s not that introspecting isn’t helpful, but people use that as an excuse not to try things out and you can stay paralyzed for a long time. I’ve seen people spend a year doing self-assessment or going to coaches and not trying anything.”

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  1. Coert,

    Great article. Forwarded it on to a couple friends already.



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