July 17, 2008

Brain research and the solution-focused approach

Here are three quotes from this article by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz:
  • "Human brains are so complex and individual that there is little point in trying to work out how another person ought to reorganize his or her thinking. It is far more effective and efficient to help others come to their own insights."
  • "Is the answer to all the challenges of change just to focus people on solutions instead of problems, let them come to their own answers, and keep them focused on their insights? Apparently, that’s what the brain wants."
  • "Rather than lecturing and providing solutions, effective coaches ask pertinent questions and support their clients in working out solutions on their own."

Doesn't that read like an explicit plea for the solution-focused approach? It does.

Coert Visser, http://www.linkedin.com/in/coertvisser

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