May 23, 2008

Sparkling moment

A nice exercise to start a training or workshop with is the SPARKLING MOMENT exercise.The instruction for this exercise is:

Form duo's. Tell each other about a fulfilling moment you have recently experienced in your work (a sparkling moment). The person who listens to the story encourages the other person until a lively description of what happened in the sparkling moment has emerged. Take 5 minutes per person.

Afterwards people you ask people to tell how it was for them to do this exercise. Here is a list of the things people normally say:
  • "Fun to do!"
  • "It gives you energy, it brings you in good mood right away and you're active right away."
  • "It helps you realize that there actually are things that are going well."
  • "At first, it was hard to find an example but when I found one, I relived the situation completely."
  • "This way, it is very easy to make contact with each other."
  • "It is both fun to tell about your own sparkling moment and to listen to the sparkling moment of the other person."
  • 'It makes me become more aware of what is important to me in my work."
  • "It helps me find new ideas about how I can have fun and fulfillment in my work more often."

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