April 17, 2008

Poll: most frequently used solution-focused techniques

Today the results are in from the poll about the most frequently used solution-focused techniques (click the picture on the right for details). 102 people did the poll and the result is:

1. The scaling question
2. The past success question
3. Reframing
4. Exception seeking questions
5. The indirect compliment
6. The Miracle question
7. Summarizing in the client's words
8. The Coping question
9. The 'what's better?' question
10. Normalizing
11. The usefulness question
12. The observation task
13. The perspective change question
14. The continuation question
15. The prediction task
16. The overcoming-the-urge task


  1. Hi Coert,
    Thanks for a great blog. I first found it about a year ago. I haven't been back in a while, but I'm glad to see you are still posting.

    I find it interesting that the Sscaling questions came in #1. I have found that alot of folks use the scaling question, but not from an SFBT approach.

    If a client rates something at a 4, many therapists will ask "How could you make it a 7. I learned that a more SFBT approach is to ask, "How did you manage to keep it from a 3?"


  2. Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. Glad you like my blog. Here is an article about scales: http://articlescoertvisser.blogspot.com/2007/11/scales-practical-change-tools.html

  3. Hi Coert,

    Although visiting your blog regulary, I missed this one, up to now;)
    A couple of questions are pupping up: What the clients think was the most useful technique. What made the difference. And what else (not necessary a technique)?
    Keep up the good work!


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