February 1, 2008

How did they do it?

I am writing an article on the history and development of the solution-focused approach and I tried to describe how Steve, Insoo and their colleagues of the brief family therapy center developed it inductively. But when I tried to do that I noticed that I actually did not fully understand how they precisely did it. In general terms, as I have always understood it, they paid close attention to what worked well and they when they found interventions that worked well they kept them in their repertoire. What I do not see precisely is how they noticed and decided that something worked. What exactly did they pay attention to and when? I haven't been able to find in the literature a detailed description of the approach or 'method' they used. I am now exchanging emails with some very knowledgable people. Hope they help shine more light on this. If I will find out some intesting things I'll report them on this site (and in the article of course).

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