January 10, 2008

Remembering Insoo Kim Berg

"Once, shortly after her seventieth birthday, when I marveled at the fact that she was in better shape than many people half her age, she explained, 'I have to stay in top shape so I can keep up with my schedule.' And what a schedule it was! It seemed that every time we spoke or exchanged an e-mail over the years, Insoo was either just putting the finishing touches on a journal article or working on yet another book, including two on which we collaborated. To my knowledge, she never missed a deadline." "She had a schedule that would have wearied most mortals, but Insoo's energy and enthusiasm seemed never to wane. I used to tease her that rather than having simply joie de vivre, she had joie de travail (joy of work), and she would laugh and say, "That's right, I Do!"

- Yvonne Dolan, about Insoo Kim Berg who died suddenly one year ago today

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