January 24, 2008

How good does it get (8) - new book on happiness

I have written before about happiness (see the links below). Now, there is a new book about happiness which I haven't read yet but about which I hear some good things. Some say it is the best book about happiness yet. Kathryn Britton of the website pos-psych.com has written a review. From that review, here is a fragment:

12 specific activities for raising happiness through intentional behavior:
  1. Practicing gratitude and positive thinking - (1) Expressing gratitude, (2) Cultivating optimism, and (3) Avoiding overthinking
  2. Investing in Social Connections - (4) Practicing acts of kindness and (5) Nurturing social relationships
  3. Managing Stress, Hardship, and Trauma: (6) Developing Strategies for Coping and (7) Learning to forgive
  4. Living in the Present: (8) Increasing Flow experiences and (9) Savoring life’s joys
    (10) Committing to goals
  5. Taking care of body and soul: (11) Practicing religion and spirituality, (12) Taking care of body through meditation, physical activity, and acting like a happy person
I'll keep following the happiness research with interest (but also skeptically).

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