November 8, 2007

Bad temper

Eric has a bad temper. Under pressure he tends to lash out verbally at those around him. He can´t really understand why he is like this. He feels maybe he is too repressed, unhappy at home, worried about money –there are plenty of things that could be causing it. Using the solution-focused approach his coach puts all these causes to one side and asks him when he is least likely to lose his temper. Eric works out that he feels more in control in the mornings, whe he is less tired. He also realises that he is less likely to get stressed when he is away from his own desk. He finds constant interruptions very difficult to cope with and these are more likely to happen when he is easily available. Eric begins to schedule his more important meetings for the mornings and to try to get the bulk of his important work done early in the day. He also begins to work from home one day a week and tries to save the kind of work that needs unbroken concentration for that that day. He asks people not to call him on that day unless it s absolutely vital. (Source: Greene, J & Grant A.M (2003) Solution-focused Coaching London: Momentum Press)

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