October 8, 2007

Research on Solution-Focused Therapy

It is a pity I can't find a pdf file of the full version of this article: A Review of the Research on Solution-Focused Therapy (by Jacqueline Corcoran and Vijayan Pillai). I can only find this summary (which does not give away anything about findings):

Solution-focused therapy is a strengths-based approach, emphasizing the resources people invariably possess and how these can be applied to the change process. A review was undertaken on the treatment outcome research involving solution-focused therapy to determine empirically its effectiveness. The review involved experimental or quasi-experimental designs conducted from 1985 to 2006 and was limited to published studies written in the English language. Subject, intervention and methodological information on studies were collected, as well as statistical information necessary to calculate effect sizes. After searching the literature, ten studies were located and described. No particular characteristics emerged regarding studies with high versus low effect sizes. Implications for research are advanced based on the review, especially related to social work practice.
Anyone who knows more about the findings of this study please let me know..


  1. that sounds interesting indeed! i found the full text article at http://bjsw.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/bcm098v1.
    via my UT-account i could download the article as well. i'll send it to you by email!
    suzanne verdonschot


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