October 27, 2007

Six functions of solution-focused summaries

I was reading the new third edition of Interviewing for solutions. The new edition is recommendable because it has been updated really well. On page 28, I came across a subject which I think is underrated in solution-focused articles and books: summaries. Here are the different uses of summaries that are mentioned:
  1. The summary reassures the client that the SF practitioner was listening carefully
  2. The summary reassures the SF practitioner that he has heard the client accurately
  3. By using the client's words in the summary the SF practitioner shows respect for the client's frame of reference
  4. The summary (if done descriptively and in a spirit of openness) has the effect of inviting the client to say more (correct, revise or add)
  5. The summary has the effect of putting the client in control of how to describe their experiences
  6. The summary assists the SF practitioner in formulating the next question based on what the client has just revealed

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