September 6, 2007

Work with the green people

In a new book on SF there is an interesting chapter by Mona Hojab: Simple steps and trojan mice. One of the topics she covers is: what do you do with the cynics when you want to start a change process in your organization? Her reccommendation is: work with the green people:
"When you want to make progress, working with the people who want to see change is a good place to start. In a traffic-light inspired metaphor, we call this working with the green people - as opposed to the amber people (who are not sure yet but will probably join in) or the red people (who are definitely not keen). Things start to happen, and the resulting news of progress will encourage engagement by others."

1 comment:

  1. Lovely metaphor! In organizations where the desired change is not defined you may have to search for the green people as the reds often make it sound like everyone thinks their way. Worked with a client who changed strategy a while ago, but didn't communicate the strategy clearly. The result; everyone was unhappy, thought nothing had changed, and couldn't see how much they had actually changed. The reds voice dominated because there was no clear direction. Anyway, go greens!


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