September 20, 2007

Solution-focused schools

I am doing more and more workshops in the educational sector. The solution-focused approach seems very appropriate there. Some time ago I interviewed Kerstin Måhlberg and Maud Sjöblom, authors of Solution-focused education. Here is a quote from that interview:
"Employing the Solution-focused practice as a method in the world of education is a relatively new phenomenon. The SF model has clear pedagogical elements, and is an alternative to the more traditional mediation-based approach to teaching. SFE offers a different way of solving problems and consist of an approach and a conversation methodology. The teacher builds solutions jointly with her pupils, fostering their individual resources and goals. The teacher focuses particularly on pupils´ positive behaviour rather than the negative, and supports them through encouragement and positive feedback. By focusing on what works and giving a lot of feedback to the pupils when they are on the right track, gain new energy to make further effort. For us, the solution-focused model has become a new way of thinking, in which the use of constructive conversation focuses on whatever generates hope and success, rather than on problems and their possible causes. It is a way of working that is more effective, more efficient, and altogether superior to our “old” ways. When the SF way of thinking and working is implemented in a School, we know that what will be experienced by everyone concerned, will not only be a more effective place of learning, but also an environment from which its teachers derive the deepest satisfaction."

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