September 11, 2007

Another ancient solution-focused gem

Japanese solution-focused coach and trainer Aoki Yasuteru came up with the following ancient solution-focused gem:

"Here is another old one from Buddha; If a man is shot by a poinsoned arrow and says "Don't take this arrow away before you find out exactly by who and from where and how it was shot." This man's death is inevitable.

If you're his family or relative you surely will take the arrow away and take him to the doctor at once. In a similar way if a disciple says "Unless the master clearly tells me if the world is ever-present or never-present, I will not be able to discipline myself." This man's death is also inevitable. Since the master is enlightened and therefore does not explain, this man waits for the poison to take his life away.

Buddha was encouraging people to take actions instead of spending too much energy on futile problem-focused discussion or rigid intellectualism."

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