August 31, 2007

11 simple rules for building a civilized workplace

On Bob Sutton’s site there is an interesting post on this new book: Bill and Dave: How Hewlett and Packard Built the World’s Greatest Company about the founders of Hewlett Packard. In his post, Sutton focuses on Packard's 11 simple rules for building a civilized workplace:
1. Think first of the other fellow.
2. Build up the other person’s sense of importance.
3. Respect the other man’s personality rights.
4. Give sincere appreciation.
5. Eliminate the negative.
6. Avoid openly trying to reform people.
7. Try to understand the other person.
8. Check first impressions.
9. Take care with the little details.
10. Develop genuine interest in people.
11. Keep it up.
Don't you agree that's an inspiring list? There seems to be a clear correspondence with some solution-focused principles. What do you think for instance of point and 5 and of 7 and 10? You can read Sutton’s post here.

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