June 17, 2007

Making everything 1% better

In the nineteen eighties, Pat Riley coached the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers had just lost the MBA championship final to the Boston Celtics. There was some panic within the Lakers group. They wondered how they could ever win the Championship agains the seemingly unbeatable Celtics. They would have to get so much better and they chance to that seemed slim. But Riley, a great strategist, knew how to do this. He did not buy expensive new players. He did not double the amount of training hours and he did not put extra strict demands on his players. He only challenged them to improve every single aspect of their game with a mere 1%. The result was surprising. The Lakers won the championship. Not only in that year but also in the folowing year. Riley proved that many small steps, steps which may seem insignificant, can lead to great results. Read more about how small steps can lead to surprising results in this article: One small step forward.
Thanks to Mark Westerhuis.

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