June 4, 2007

Draft a future article

In their book ‘The Heart of Change’, management authors John Kotter and Dan Cohen recommend a team exercise that highly resembles solution-focused techniques in the sense that it helps to visualize the desired future. They write:

"If a guiding team does not have a vision for their change effort, or does not have a vision they are satisfied with, try this: Work with this group to draft an "article" for Fortune magazine about the results of their change effort, projecting five years into the future. In the article, talk about the following:
  • How the organization is different
  • What customers have to say about the company
  • What employees are saying
  • Performance on relevant indexes
In doing this be concrete, include quotes from people, use actual numbers, and a clear description of a new product or service or process." (Kotter, 2002). Read more about this book in this review by solution-focused practitioncer Jim Mortensen.


  1. A lot of great posts here. i like this one. Thanks for the practical advice on solution-focus and how to get there.

  2. There is a simmilar exercise in Rorig and Clark's book "57 SF Activities" on page 179 called "Dream Team" by Armin Rohm.


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