May 8, 2007

The Jericho Rose

A client I coached made good progress but also experienced certain moments in which his problems reappeared. After some time, this person cleverly discovered that the moments of slipping back were associated with forgetting to apply his new found solutions. Over time, he managed to consciously apply the solutions and he noticed that it gradually became easier to keep on applying them. They more or less became new habits. At the end of the coaching process he gave me a little present, a plant by the poetic name of Jericho Rose, originally from the dessert of Mexico. I had never heard of this plant and it did not right away strike me as a special or beautiful plant. But my client explained that it has a very special feature. When the plant gets no water it gets dry, it folds and turns gray and brittle. It can stay this way for extremely long periods of time, without dying. Yet, when it is placed in water it recovers its natural green color and unfolds. It does this over and over again. This client compared this to the process he had gone through. He said: “When I stop applying the solutions the problems reappear. But when I go back to applying the solutions I immediately start to flourish again. Just like the Jericho Rose”. It is still on my desk.

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