May 1, 2007

Improving Financial Results

COACH: Charles, you have told me that your team’s financial performance has been lagging since the last six months and the team is now seriously behind budget. And the reason for our conversation is that you’d like to have my advice on how to improve it. Right?
CHARLES: Right, I could really use some good advice.
COACH: Ok, first, could you explain to me how being behind budget exactly is a problem to you?
CHARLES: That’s easy, if we don’t make budget that would be bad news for all of us in the team. We may even have to let go of one or more team members, which I would hate.
CHARLES: For me personally, it would be serious, too. I am ambitious to grow within the company but if things go on like this that will be out of the question.
COACH: Hmm... I can see why it is important for you to change this situation, Charles.
CHARLES: Yes, I will have to find a way.
COACH: Ok, suppose, after we have finished this coaching, you would find that it’s been helpful. How would you know?
CHARLES: I would know it had been useful if I’d see an unmistakable improvement in the financial results on our monthly sheet...... Read the rest of this case ....

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  1. Thanks for the pointer here, Coert. You made this post so long ago, I'm not sure I was following your blog back then. So glad you're recycling content in new forms! Your thinking always refreshes me.


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