May 27, 2007

The ABC of compliments

Compliments are pointers of resources and solutions and they make the other person more aware of progress he is making. They are intended to point to the fact that someone has handled a challenging situation well and they help to explore such a situation further. Thus they help identify what works. Complimenting is something most of us are not very used to. Both giving and receiving compliments can be hard. A good way to describe effective compliments is the ABC of compliments. A stands for Accurate, B for Believable and C for Constructive (source:

A- Accurate
The compliment has to accurately refer to what has happened and what the person has done.

B - Believable
The compliment should not be an exaggeration but realistic.

C - Constructive
The compliment should refer to what the person wants to achieve and be useful for making progress.

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