April 20, 2007

The urge-overcoming skill

In the solution-focused approach it is seen as normal that people who try to change their behavior will sometimes feel the urge to fall back to old, less desired behaviors. Most people who to quit smoking will at some point feel the temptation to light another sigaret. Giving in to this urge can threaten the change process because it can nagatively affect your motivation to go on. A great skill to develop in change processes is the skill to overcome the urge to fall back into old behaviors. The way solution-focused practitioners often help their clients to discover and develop this skill is to suggest the following to them: "Pay attention to what you do when you overcome the temptation or urge to fall back". This type of observation task presupposes that the client will indeed be able to overcome his or her urge, at least in some situations. When you find out how you resist and overcome the temptation you can become more aware of this skill and further develop it.

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