April 9, 2007

Perspective change

A useful and simple way to help people (including yourself) is the technique of the perspective change. You visualize how the situation will be different and better when the goal has been achieved. With this technique you ask in essence:”How will other people notice things will have become better?" A few examples:

- How would the customer notice our service orientation will have improved?
- How will other colleagues notice the conflict has been resolved?
- How will your manager notice this coaching will no longer be necessary?
- How will our competitor notice our company has become more competitive?

The perspective change helps people to get a broader perspective on themselves and their situation so that they can develop clearer goals.


  1. Coert,

    These are very useful questions. Most people don't ask these kinds of questions but I find them extremely valuable when I use them with people.

    Do you find that you also ask these questions of yourself?


  2. Hi Rodney, in each professional conversation I try not to forget these types of questions because they help make goals specific and really motivate


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