March 23, 2007

Was Bruce Lee Solution-Focused too?

Much of the most important groundwork for the development of the solution-focused approach was done in the nineteen seventies. At that same time kung fu fighter Bruce Lee was busy developing his own style of kung fu called Jeet Kune Do. The principles on which this style is based are: 1. Research your own experience, 2. Absorb what is useful, 3. Reject what is useless, 4. Add what is specifically your own.

Now, doesn't that resemble the solution-focused approach? Attention for what is useful, reflecting on your own experiences, neglecting what is not useful, developing your own solutions..... Was it just in the air in the seventies to come up with these kinds of approaches? Or is it the integration of the Asian and Western perspectives which is at the root of these approaches? (both Bruce Lee and SF co-originator Insoo Kim Berg had an Asian background). Whatever it was ..... researching your own experience, absorbing what is useful, rejecting what is useless, and adding what is specifically your own seems like wise advice in many circumstances.

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