March 18, 2007

The Effort Effect

“Just being aware of the growth mind-set, and studying it and writing about it, I feel compelled to live it and to benefit from it,” says Dweck, who took up piano as an adult and learned to speak Italian in her 50s. “These are things that adults are not supposed to be good at learning.”

This is a quote from a new article on the work of Carol Dweck: The Effort Effect.


  1. Coert,

    One powerful idea to gain from her quote is that she feels compelled to live the growth mindset because she writes and talks about it. In self-persuasion theory we know that when people advocate something publicly it changes their beliefs. So by teaching others you teach yourself. I've found this to be true as when I started my blog, I noticed that I would use the information I wrote about much more often than before. And over time it is having a very powerful, positive effect.



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