February 27, 2007

Moving FORWARD with solution-focused change

This new article was published today on managementsite.com:

Solution-focusedMoving FORWARD with solution-focused change
A results-oriented and appreciative way of making progress
Coert Visser, Gwenda Schlundt Bodien

The solution-focused approach has helped coaches, trainers, consultants and managers to be more effective in realizing their goals. Moreover, it has often made their work more enjoyable. This article presents a simple, new, and - hopefully - sticky model to describe the solution-focused approach: the FORWARD-model. Read the article
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  1. Coert,

    I wish I had read this article earlier. Please write a book on this in English as I'd love to read it (I never learned Dutch).


  2. I'm thinking about doing that in 2011! Thanks!


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